A Girlz Hug


Here you find the materials

Out of respect for the creators of the tubes leave the name intact.
Don't pretend you created the tubes!!
I want to thank them for sharing the tubes.

FM Tile Tools
Pentacome Garbage
Graphic Plus



Let’s start:

Open a new layer white 600x500pix
Open all materials into PSP
Also the masks

Layers – new layer
Fill this layer whit #2b945b
Layer – New Mask – From Image:

Go to the layer palette - Merge – merge group:

Activate purple_ribbon
Copy and paste as a new layer

Image – Resize with 80%
Place her in the middle of the frame
Opacity on 70%

Effects – FM Tile Tools – Blend Emboss

Activate the DoodlesForals7
Image resize to 82%
Copy and paste as a new layer

Layer – Arrange – Move down 2x
Effects – 3d effects – Drop Shadow:

Layer palette – Duplicate
Image – Mirror (CTRL M)

Lock the last layer (white background)
Layer palette – Merge – Merge visible

Unlock the background layer and activate this layer

Layer- New layer
Fill the new layer with #9f32a8
Layer – New mask – From image:

Pallet layer – Merge – Merge visible

Activate the upper layer (merge layer)
Activate the word tube
Copy and paste as a new layer

Give a nice place on the creation
Give the same drop shadow as in step 3

Activate the white background
New layer

Go to the colour palette
Foreground colour #986ba0
Background colour #2d915b

Activate the brush tool and look for grunge:

Place your mouse in the left upper corner
click on your left mouse button (purple)
Duplicate this layer & Mirror (CTRL M)

Place your mouse in the left corner below
Click on the right mouse button (green)
Duplicate this layer & duplicate

Merge all layers

Image – Border 15 pix black
Select the border
Change the foreground colour into gradient
(off  choice)
Fill the border with the gradient

Effects – plug-in - Graphic Plus – Cross Shadow
Default settings
Effects – plug-in – Pentacom – Dotted cross
Default settings

Resize the image into 600 pix long side
Place your watermark

And we are finished with this tutorial…..

This tutorial was written on the 7th of june 2009 & translated
by Babaloux on the 18th of may 2011

I only translated the tutorial.
All credits for this tutorial is voor PSP Karin.
You may NOT link these translations on forums, groups or clubs,
with out premmision of PSP Karin.
Do you want her premmision then go to her site.
I had the materials from her.
Don't pretent that these tutorials are yours!


©Babaloux Design on 28 september 2009