Free Is A Butterfly

Free Is A Butterfly

Image7Madame Butterfly_LR

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Here you find the materials:

Out of respect for the creators of the tubes leave the names intact
Don't pretend you created the tubes!!
I want to thank them for sharing the tubes.

FM Tile Tools
Eyecandy 4000

Let’s start this tutorial:

Open all materials into PSP
Take these colours:
Foreground colour: #FFFFFF
Background colour: #E18650

Open a new layer 600x500 pix colour white

Change the foreground colour into gradient:

Layer – New layer
Fill this layer with the gradient
Adjust – Blur – Gaussian Blur:

Layer – New mask layer- From Image:

Layer – Merge – Merge group
Activate the white layer

Layer – New layer
Fill this layer with the dark colour

Effects – Artistic effects – Balls and Bubbles:

I used Chaos Yellow

Effects – Texture effects – Blinds:

Activate the selection tool
In the bar you click on “Costum Selection”

Then you have this screen, fill in the numbers:

Activate Raster Group 1

Layer – New Layer
Fill this layer with the dark colour

Selection – Modify – Contract 2 pix

Fill the selection with the gradient
Repeat the contract
Click on the delete button

Activate the tube Image7Madame Butterfly_LR
Pull a Selection around the head of the woman

Copy and paste into the selection on the work layer
Blend mode on Luminance
Opacity on 30%
Effects – Plug-in – FM Tile Tools Blend Mode
Default settings

Selection – Select None

Activate the tube of Lori again
Selection – Select none

Select the butterfly on the right
Click on delete
Selection – Select none

Copy and paste as a new layer on the work layer
Image – Resize:

Effects – 3d effects – Drop shadow:

The purple colour you pick out the tube

Effects- Plug-in –
Dots & Cross default settings

Activate the layer with the balls and bubbles
Layer – New layer
Fill this layer with the gradient

Effects – Geometrics effect – Circle transparent
Image – Resize with these settings
(used in step 8)

Effects – Plug-in – Eyecandy 4000 Glass – Settings Clear Glass:

Layer – Merge – Merge all

Activate Raster 4
Activate for the last time the tube of Lori
Click on Undo, you see the deleted butterfly again

Select the butterfly
Copy and paste as a new layer on the work layer
Place this tube on the right side above the circle

Repeat the drop shadow

Paste as a new layer on the work layer
Now you have the butterfly 2x

Image – Resize change only 80% to 85%
Image – Mirror
Opacity on 80%

Move the tube to the right corner under

Activate the word- art
Select the text of the butterfly

Copy and paste as a new layer on the work layer
Place it over the butterfly

Image – Add border 3 pix white colour
Activate the magic wand
Select the border

Repeat the drop shadow
only don’t mark “Shadow on new layer”

Repeat with 10/10
Place your watermark and save your Tutorial as JPEG

This tutorial was written by Karin at 04-10-2008 &
translated on 27-01-2013 by Babaloux

I only translated the tutorial.
All credits for this tutorial is voor PSP Karin.
You may NOT link these translations on forums, groups or clubs,
with out premmision of PSP Karin.
Do you want her premmision then go to her site.
I had the materials from her.
Don't pretent that these tutorials are yours!


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