Hide Tears

JHanna_157 tube
Susan B 388

(Place this in the Paint brush map)

Here you find the materials

Xero Porcelian
FM Tile Tools
Eye Candy 4
Graphic Plus

I used a different colour then the tutorial.
So when you want have the same effects then use
Luminance lagecy.
HERE you find the real tutorial!!!

We start this tutorial:

Open a new layer 700x600pix
Open all tubes into PSP
Foreground colour: #e4d7b6
Background colour: #675c3c

Change the foreground colour into gradient
Linear angle 45 repeat 4
Fill the empty layer with the gradient
Adjust -> Blur -> Gaussian blur 20:

Select all
New layer
Activate tube “juls-creepy”
Copy and paste into selection
Opacity on 53
Effects -> Textureeffects ->weave:


Activate tube SandiK009
Copy and paste as a new layer

Move the tube a bit down till the left hand border
Opacity on 50 blend mode luminance legacy

Open the SusanB388 brush into PSP
Copy and paste as a new layer

Move to the upper right hand corner
Luminance legacy

Effects-> Plug-ins-> Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow

Plugin-> FM Tile Tools Blend Emboss default settings

Activate Jhanna_157 tube
Copy and paste as a new layer
Move to the right hand under corner
Opacity 50
Luminance legacy

Activate the layer with the clock
Activate the Eraser
Erase all of the clock you see true the man & child

Activate the layer with man and child
Drop shadow 10/10/40/25 black

New layer
Activate the paint brush
Look for the text brush  “Ihidetextbrush” settings:


Change the background colour to black
Click 1x with the right button of the mouse on the left side of
The image

Drop shadow 1/1/100/5 colour that fits with the creation

Activate cy_crows_2005’
Copy the selected crow
Paste as a new layer
Resize with 50%
Dropshadow 1/1/100/5 black
Move the crow till the text
His feets rest on the E & S

Border 1 pix foreground colour
Border 1 pix background colour
Border 1pix foreground colour
Border 25 pix background colour
Foreground is still the gradient

Activate the border of 25 pix with the magic wand
Fill the selection with the gradient

Plug-ins-> Graphic Pluss Cross Shadow

Plug-ins Pentacom Jeans:

Merge all layers
Place your watermark

Plug-in Xenofex 2 Stain:

The colour is the foreground colour

Plug-in Xero Porcelain default settings
(the screen shot you see here is Xero Porcelain XL)

Adjust -> Sharpness-> Unsharp mask 1/100/2 Luminance on

This tutorial was written on 24. October 2009 by Karin &
Translated on 30. May 2010 by Babaloux

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I had the materials from her.
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